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Try our free online Bench Press Calculator to find your one rep maximum for bench press lifting movement.

Does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced bodybuilder, the correct technique of performing bench press can lift your 1RM

Improve Your Bench Press Form

  • Grip. Hold the bar low in your hands, close to you wrists. Squeeze using the full grip
  • Wrists. Bench with straight wrists. Grip the bar low so your wrists can’t bend and hurt
  • Elbows. Tuck them 75° at the bottom, keep them directly under the bar from all angles
  • Forearms. Vertical to the floor, straight line from bar to wrist to elbow from all angles
  • Chest. Raise it to the ceiling, squeeze your shoulder-blades, arch your back to stay tight
  • Shoulders. Keep them back on the bench, drive yourself into the bench when you press
  • Feet. Flat on the floor, feet under knees, shoulder-width stance like when you Squat
  • Bar path. Diagonal line from mid-chest to shoulders, not vertical over chest or shoulders
  • Racking. Lock your elbows, move the bar over your shoulders first, get a lift off if you can.

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1rep max bench press: How to find out 1RM

Your 1-rep max bench press is:

  • 60% of 1RM is:
  • 80% of 1RM is: 0
  • 50% of 1 RM is: 3'500