To buy or not to buy?

Everyone wants new gadgets, clothes or even a car, but not everyone can afford it. Use our calculator to find out if you can afford a new purchase or better postpone your purchase.

There are so many temptations, new gadgets, fast cars and delicious food around. But a spontaneous purchase can greatly complicate life, a new loan or a loan from friends. The goods in our calculator are just examples, if you want to buy reasonably, follow the tips below:

  • if you liked the clothes, ask the seller to postpone it for later - if the clothes you do not really need you will become too lazy to return to the store later
  • try to wait for the sale
  • if you buy online, put the goods in the basket and close the tab, in a few hours or days you will receive a coupon or give a discount - so you will save a few dollars

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Choose your goal
  • iPhone X

  • Double ShackBurger

  • Premium NetFlix Plan
    $143.88 / year

  • Autograph of Mickey Mantle
    $83 500

  • Ferrari F12 berlinetta
    $319 995

  • Durex condom 16 box

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