Cakes vs Gym Сalculator

Try our Cakes vs Gym calculator to find out how many calories you should burn to maintain your weight by jogging, swimming & biking.

Cakes vs Gym calculator it simple tool to keep fit yourself. Imagine you come with a friend in a coffee shop and take your favorite cheesecake and… how long do you need to go jogging to burn all the calories of the cake?

You can use the formula below to find the answer to this question:

T = calories / MET * W


  • T is the duration of activity in hours,
  • W is your weight in kilograms.
  • MET – metabolic equivalent of a task

Jogging MET = 5

Swimming MET = 7.5

Biking MET = 5.22

… but it's too boring. it is much better to use a Cake vs Gym (link) calculator to have fun & save time

Some life hacks to burn calories faster:

  • Increase the resistance and difficulty of your exercises
  • Try different exercises to prevent muscles from getting used to the stresses
  • Incorporate strength training
  • Exercise in the mornings

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